GidiMo: Download App And Get Free MTN 150MB

GidiMo is an app which allows you to develop your career anytime, anywhere in the world, with courses available for students, professional and everyone of any age.


Using this app, GidiMo offers its new user some special possibilities which include Free 150mb and also another offer of 400mb for a certain task in the app.

GidiMo also offers you the opportunity to learn different kinds of stuff and a way of chatting with friends in the app, more like a social media and learning app for everyone despite any age.

How To Get Free 150MB With GidiMo App

Step1: Visit GidiMo official website and sign up as shown below.

Step2: Enter your First Name, Surname, Password, and Mobile Phone number.

Step3: Click the sign-up button

Step4: Now you will need to verify the phone number you used to sign-up which can be done in various options shown on the website such as Via SMS, Whatsapp or even a phone call if necessary.

Step5: Once you get the code, enter it in the field and verify your account.

Step6: Now, You have to download the Android App from the play store HERE or you can download from another online source HERE if you have internal storage problems.

GidiMo App has a stunning record of over 100 thousand downloads on the Google Play Store.

Step7: Once you have downloaded the app, access the GidiMo login on the app using both your phone number from the sign-up page and your password.

Step8: After login, the first page will show you a message which says: “Congratulations you have free 150mb of data, enter your phone number to receive it”

Step9: Enter your phone number and click the button, now you might get errors that normal just try again and again it would work.

Step10: To check your data balance dial *460*260#

GidiMo Programs:

1. CodeLagos GidiMo: This is an initiative by the Lagos State Government in Nigeria to enhance the technical knowledge of computer to all including students and non-students, it is available for both private and secondary school students in the state.

2. Senior School Program: This is a weekly program from GidiMo for all secondary school students. It includes personal learning, social learning and also a tournament.

3. Literacy Program: This is a yet to be launched program from GidiMo which involves personal activities, social activities and much more.


Ezenwa Tobe: “Magnificent! Simply magnificent The learning platform is innovative and in a well-versed community.”

Christian Icarus: “GidiMo Best App I Ever Came Across”

GidiMo Tournaments:

Another stunning feature from this great app is its tournaments, it offers a senior school monthly tournaments program which is started at a particular period of time.

The latest monthly program took place on Saturday 22nd December 2018 from 2 pm to 4:30 pm.

GidiMo Features:

1. Social Integration

2. Notifications

3. Feedback System – 24/7 Support Team

4. Coupons

5. Point Systems

6. Rewards And Benefits

Twitter Page:

Facebook Page:

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